M.D., M.E.M

Emergency Physician

Dr. K.S. Vinodh MD., MEM working in Pranav hospital has a 7yrs experience in the field of emergency and critical care, understands the basic concept of “platinum minutes and golden hour” in treating the emergency & critically ill patients irrespective of age, gender or socioeconomic status.

Having finished my post graduation in a reputed institute for emergency medicine, did my Masters in Emergency medicine (MEM) from SEMI Tamilnadu, worked as an Emergency and ICU consultant, dealt with all kinds of emergencies with top notch procedural skills and diagnostic approach. I attend national & international conferences, presenting papers, keeping myself updated as medicine is ever-changing. Being trained in USG - FAST, EFAST, RUSH protocol, DVT screening and Echocardiogram makes my diagnostic work much easier. Having chosen Toxicology as my thesis, developed several treatment protocols by treating hundreds of toxicology cases. My special area of interest in critical care is dealing with Sepsis, ARDS cases, Mechanical ventilators, hence trained myself in TACT academy Chennai, for ventilators and prone ventilation.